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Over 20,000,000 Impressions Per Trailer, Per Year!**

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Imagine the Possibilities!

$800 Per Trailer, Per Month (discounts for long term or quantity buys).

Supervalu, America's largest supermarket distributor, makes daily deliveries to 80% of the supermarkets in New England and other markets, nationally. Target your audience by route, city, state, time and destination.

Simply "rent space," print graphics and select your preferred routing. We go where the people are! When you want effective and economical outdoor advertising...SuperValu delivers!

Pontiac AdAs America's largest wholesale grocery distributor, Supervalu is constantly striving to be the leader of commodity distribution. To be the leader requires a concentrated focus on innovation, concern and awareness of client and market needs. Supervalu recognizes that its trailer fleet has the means to be much more than just a delivery system for client products. Its 'mode of operation' lends itself perfectly as a marketing and advertising delivery system for both Supervalu clients and major brands, delivering information and recognition messages to both consumers and retailers.

Supervalu has thoroughly researched the feasibility of using its trailer fleet as 'mobile billboards' in partnership with ROADMARK Inc., America's leading fleet advertising management company. This vehicular advertising program will be managed by ROADMARK Inc. under the guidelines set forth by Supervalu's management and dispatch staff. Rates established for client advertising have intentionally been set lower than any other form of major advertising media specifically for the purpose of 'furthering client relations.'

Supervalu's mission is to offer its clients the most comprehensive service possible to 'move product.' Now, Supervalu can move 'product to the shelf' and 'off the shelf.' We deliver your product(s)... and your message(s), all in one trailer load, direct to consumers, effectively and economically.

Imagine the Possibilities...

New England Region Datasheet
(other regions to be posted soon)

Our typical "mode of operation":
Daytime hours, moderate to heavy traffic, 365 days a year
Saturate most of New England and portions of New York
Routes deliver brand products to 80% of region's supermarkets
Trailers are dispatched by loading dock destination and trailer number (easy tracking)
Each trailer assigned load destinations in close proximity
Typical routing: 40% metropolitan interstate highway 55 mph
40% suburban arterial roadway 40 mph
20% urban and city street 30 mph
Typical load schedule: 6 - 8 destinations, 30 mph or less
8-10 hr. day, 4 to 5 hours in traffic
dispatch 5 am to 8 am return 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
400 trailers originate from 5 depot warehouses in New England
Average mileage: 80,000 miles per trailer , per year
Contract professional tractor drivers, own or lease our trailer fleet
Trailers domain at our warehouses, inspected daily, washed regularly
Client trailers dispatched daily, routed by client specification
Trailer "down time" (maint/repair) 2 days per year (max.)
Fleet size 60% 8' x 45' 20% 8' x 40' 20% 8 x 48' refrig and cargo trailers
Available ad space : one side, two sides and/or rear doors
(no other trailer markings on advertising designated fleet)
ICC requires daily route and maintenance logs from dispatch records
All program trailer-smooth surface FRP or aluminum sides
Specific route availability; refer to maps of each region (some pending)

Formula for Impressions
- Source : American Trucking Assoc. / Private Fleet Council
Bruskin Russell Research / AC Nielsen Research/ROADMARK, Inc.
New study (1999) T.A.B. (N.Y.)

Our studies conclude that daytime impressions are determined from data involving "mode of operation" of any single fleet 1) per mile, 2) per min., 3) by percentage of time of travel on any particular roadway. **T.A.B. Study, by GPS Monitoring.

Our data compiled suggests :
31 impressions per mile/per min. - rural interstate
35 impressions per mile/per min. - suburban interstate*
48 impressions per mile/per min. - urban interstate
68 impressions per mile/per min. - secondary arterial*
93 impressions per mile/per min. - urban arterial*
131 impressions per mile/per min. -city street*
* (indicates our average mode of operation)
* New T.A.B. Study suggests nearly double these estimates

8 hr. day, 40% suburban interstate, 192 min./day = 6,720 impressions/day
8 hr. day, 40% secondary arterial, 192 min./day = 13,056 impressions/day
8 hr. day, 20% city streets, 96 min./day = 12,576 impressions/day
TOTAL = 32,352

32,352 impressions per day, 360 days per year = 11,646,720 impressions per year
CPM @ $800/mo. rate = 46 cents per 1,000 impressions (not including production)

Demographics contingent on marketplace chosen. All demographic groups exposed (women, men, children, upper, middle and lower income) subject to time of day. AVERAGE REACH 85% AVERAGE FREQUENCY 11 x mo.

Note : More SuperValu regions to be posted soon.

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